Psychotherapy in Toronto

You may be considering commencing psychotherapy and wondering about the process. We, as human beings are complex. Psychotherapy offers a unique opportunity to explore the nature of the mind. Every person will have had a multitude of experiences throughout childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Our life is a compilation of events, good and bad. Our experiences, our conclusions about these experiences as well as our unconscious responses to them shape us. Our concepts about ourselves and the world around us can affect how we navigate through life affecting our ability to be happy.


Mental Health

Mental Health is a result of knowing how to govern your mind. An experienced and very compassionate psychotherapist can help you understand how your thoughts are intimately connected to your health and happiness. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is an exploration of your mind as no two minds are alike.

Certain thoughts and behaviours can rob you of a fulfilling life leading to depression, anxiety, OCD and a host of other symptoms. Unresolved issues have a tendency to paralyze an individual preventing them from leading the life they yearn.

Current research in neuroscience has taught us that the brain is neuroplastic meaning that it has the capacity to change. With the proper skills you can reshape your brain. We all have the need to rediscover ourselves and become true architects of a desirable future.

Our personalities are shaped by several developmental stages. What happens when we are infants, children, adolescents affects the way we see the world, the types of relationships that we have and the way we feel about ourselves in relation to others. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is viewed as a highly individualized form of therapy focusing on roots of emotional suffering. Its hallmarks are self-reflection and self-examination.







Psychotherapy is an effective treatment for:

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